Kimberly’s Raw Thoughts on Raw Food Day 2
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Raw dinner #2 was 9-ingredient Sprouted Quinoa Salad

I woke up excited about our fresh breakfast berry shake and cold soaked oats knowing it would keep me satisfied all morning long. A messier start to the day but worth it! I added a few hemp seeds to my oats and smidge of raw, local honey.

Lunch was my normal salad but instead of yogurt with whole grain Ezekiel cereal I had 2 clementines and a LARABAR as a snack.

Friends, I can tell you I am definitely not hungry!

The challenge for me isn’t my belly being full, the challenge is wanting crackers or corn chips to munch in between!

The other challenge? Temptation to nibble on the crockpot BBQ chicken and roasted asparagus I had prepared for my four boys!!

Dinner was a cold sprouted quinoa salad (pictured here). In true Stuart and Kimberly style we just winged it. It quickly became 9 Ingredient Sprouted Quinoa Salad (100% raw!). This was a bountiful buffet of texture and flavor.

We threw in onion, celery, carrot, pumpkin seed, raw cheese, sliced apple, diced dates and sun-dried tomatoes. We tossed it with some olive oil and fresh lemon juice and a dash of salt.

Sprouted quinoa is crunchier and has a different flavor than cooked quinoa but it actually faded into the background when surrounded by all those other delectables! A satisfying and interesting dinner!

I was craving an after dinner treat tonight so I snacked on some cantaloupe and celery dipped in our homemade garlic hummus (made with sprouted chickpeas). The texture of the hummus is slightly grainier but it has a bold flavor.

I am looking forward to trying zucchini noodles with tomato, basil and oregano sauce with diced mushrooms tonight (after my Bikram Yoga class!!!).

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