Eating Raw Day 3: The Dismal Dinner
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What went wrong with our Zucchini Pasta with Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce?

The ingredients (tomato, basil, oregano, celery, mushroom) were picture perfect.

The taste was not!

Perhaps the tomato’s were not sweet enough. Did we add too much basil? Too much oregano or celery?

If only you could have seen Kimberly’s face after her first bite! “Oh no,” she exclaimed, “what are we having for dinner instead?”.

Raw zucchini pasta with fresh tomato basil sauce

Raw zucchini pasta with fresh tomato basil sauce

After doctoring it up a bit, we still needed more FOOD. And it had to be RAW. After a long, contemplative 4-mile walk along the Wolf River, we made a pit stop at Kroger. There we netted some OUTSTANDING raw cheeses: gruyere, goat and cheddar.

We were satiated!!!

Our Zucchini Spaghetti with Cashew Alfredo was a STELLAR success – but we need to work on this tomato basil sauce recipe some more!

Lunch was spectacularly colorful, crunchy and filling. (See how we make our off-the-charts salad here).

Our all-raw, all-organic breakfast smoothie featured fresh blueberries and strawberries. In addition to carrot, apple and parsley, I juiced some ginger for an added zing!

FOOTNOTE: Shout-out to our friends Polly & Sam for harvesting the fresh basil and oregano from their own garden!