My Raw Food Adventure – Stuart’s Top 10
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We went all raw for 5 days. Why’d we do it? (Mom asked me the same question). Why not?

Wouldn’t you want YOUR health coach to have tried a little bit of EVERYTHING?

I am the luckiest guy in the world to have Kimberly in my life; she’s spontaneous, adventurous, health-conscious and a food-lover like me!!

Thank you Kimberly (my wife and integrative health coach partner) for once again ‘taking a random right turn’ on this long and winding journey.

1. Sprouted foods are FUN to prepare, crunchy delicious to eat, and really good for my body. Sprouted foods are rich in DIGESTIBLE ENERGY! We sprouted lentils, garbanzos, mung, peanut, peas and adzuki. This raw food challenge has inspired me to enjoy more sprouted foods – not just in salads.

2. I felt FULL but still felt HUNGRY. Eating lots of fiber filled me up quick yet I still felt hungry.  I missed my warm grains, steel cut oats, eggs, etc. It was tough cooking for the kids- the aroma of cooked foods was potent and intoxicating. My body was satiated but I was not.

3. This raw food challenge reminded me of my very first, most difficult challenge of all. Eliminating processed foods and added sugars was my first food challenge and incredibly difficult. (I will NEVER turn back to eating FAKE foods EVER again, so that is no longer a challenge – it is a comfortable lifestyle choice). This raw food challenge was just as emotional – and it significantly raised awareness of what goes into my body and how my body (and mind) react!

4. I already eat LOTS of raw foods! Our 12-ingredient salad (the most colorful and crunchy in the world) is 100% raw.  This is already a staple in our lunches and dinners. I eat raw fresh fruits, dates, prunes, some nuts and seeds, etc. I may not go 100% raw today but because of this challenge I have added more. I never realized how much ‘raw energy’ I already consume!

5. I really missed my whole grains too much to give them up. I LOVE organic brown rice, black forbidden rice, quinoa, occasional whole wheat pasta, and my toasted Ezekiel breads. Though I favor more plant-based meals, the ‘Mediterranean’ eating lifestyle – rich in grains (and good oils/fats) suits me very well. For my body (and spirit), whole grains – mixed with raw foods – are a healthy party of my lifestyle.

Stay tuned for #6-#10 in my next blog – I’ll be frank about cooking time, raw cheese, more fats and the art of fermentin