How to can green beans
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Canning Green Beans – locally grown, canned in our kitchen!

how to can green beans - cleaning

Freshly harvest organic green beans get their ends snipped and are bathed before canning


What a wondrous journey this is!

Discovering new “FUN FOOD” experiences.

Best of all? Kimberly and I share these together. We cherish these times!

Some folks say “I’m too busy”. I say, “Busy doing what?”. Healthy relationships thrive when nourished. Some of the best nutrition comes from times together in the¬†kitchen!

Being a part of the food I eat is profoundly satisfying.

canning green beans boiling

Boil fresh-picked green beans in a water/apple cider vinegar blend


Before you grab a can or box off the supermarket shelf, consider being part of the creation (and invite someone special!).

Follow the same recipe we did for canning green beans:

Windermere Farms & Apiaries Green Bean Canning for Dummies

Special thanks to our friendly farmers Ken & Freida .. who produce our  fruits and vegetables organically right here in Memphis, TN.

(Kimberly and I prefer our fruits and vegetables to be raised with zero Round-up, harmful pesticides or insecticides).