My homemade HOT sauce- freshly grown organic peppers
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Local Organic Hot Peppers make the Freshest Homemade Hot Sauce

I counted down till these colorful little peppers would be ripe and ready for harvest…

Thank you Windermere Farms & Apiaries for bringing these little nuggets – chock full of capsaicinoids – to market this week!

I wasted no time making my inaugural batch of Stuey’s Organic Hot Sauce.

YES I have put that sxxt on EVERYTHING since!!

My homemade hot sauce recipe:

In a hot iron skillet I tossed a combination of fresh peppers (with seeds my friends), onion and garlic (and a little olive oil).

After about 7 minutes (when the air started getting filled with spicy heat), I added water and covered.

Once the water was absorbed and the peppers, onions and garlic brought to a lovely, wet caramelized state, I poured the mixture into the food processor and pulsed till smooth.

“OUT THE DOOR” goodness my friends. Oh and did you know that besides the BIG taste, organic hot peppers can: reduce redness and swelling, clear congestion and toxins, aid in digestion, stimulate blood flow, promote healthy lipids, reduce appetite/fill you faster, and function as an antioxidant?? YES.

So please put that sxxt on everything!

On a personal note: You should know that by now my buddy Michael T is probably half way here from Jersey .. to challenge me to a Hot Sauce Throw Down. (Yeah, he makes pretty good batch of heat & sweet sauce himself).

(If you’d like the specific ingredient quantities give me a shout and I’ll be glad to help).